Arcep proposes new unbundling tariffs for 2018-2020 period

9 Oct 2017

French telecoms regulator Arcep has proposed a drop in the regulated prices for full local loop unbundling (LLU) for the three years to end-2020, with all interested parties invited to submit their comments on the topic by 6 November. Under the suggested glidepath, the monthly tariff for full LLU will drop from the current charge of EUR9.45 (USD11) to EUR9.31 in 2018, before rising to EUR9.41 (2019) and EUR9.51 (2020). The monthly price for standard bitstream access, meanwhile, will reach EUR13.19 in 2018, before increasing to EUR13.30 (2019) and EUR13.41 (2020). In a bid to encourage migration to fibre-optic networks, the regulator also proposes a significant drop in the full LLU cancellation fee (from EUR15 to EUR5).

France, Arcep