ZTE and SoftBank achieve 1Gbps peak data rate in pre-5G Massive MIMO trial

3 Oct 2017

ZTE Corporation, working in partnership with Japan’s SoftBank Group Corp and its Wireless City Planning unit, has reportedly verified its so-called ‘24-stream space division multiplexing technology’ by using pre-5G TDD Massive MIMO 2.0 in SoftBank’s commercial network in Nagasaki, Japan. In the verification trials, 24 terminals downloaded FTP data simultaneously at a rate of 956Mbps on a 20MHz bandwidth, ZTE said. The live commercial network result follows a successful pre-5G TDD Massive MIMO testbed that reported a download rate of up to 1.1Gbps in a field test in Shenzhen, China.

ZTE and SoftBank are working together to realise the vendor’s ‘Smart Life’ strategic project, deemed a cornerstone of its post-4G network deployment and including the preliminary phase of its 5G networks, and even future 5G networks in the next three to five years. The Smart Life project aims ‘to enhance the overall performance of operators’ networks and users’ experience and reduce per-bit investment costs, and therefore ensures that the operators’ networks can easily evolve to 5G networks,’ ZTE said. SoftBank is ZTE’s first pilot partner in the Smart Life project. The two parties carried out innovative R&D on the improvement of spectrum efficiency, 4G/5G network integration, mobile bandwidth, IoT, and Internet of Vehicles.

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