Vodafone completes trial of Massive MIMO

2 Oct 2017

Vodafone Australia has taken what it terms ‘the next steps in the advancement of its mobile network performance’, confirming a successfully field demonstration of Massive MIMO in its network. Outlining the development, Vodafone said its demonstration – undertaken in partnership with Huawei – was carried out in Cronulla, Sydney, and used 20MHz of spectrum in the 1800MHz band and the Chinese vendor’s Active Antenna Unit. A cell throughput speed of 717Mbps was achieved across eight devices in the trial. The cellco says it now aims to roll out Massive MIMO technology to ‘selected mobile sites’ during 2018, with Vodafone’s General Manager of Technology Strategy, Easwaren Siva, noting: ‘This week’s demonstration is another significant step towards 5G, following our live 5G trial last year which saw speeds of up to 5Gbps … When it is rolled out in an area, [FD] Massive MIMO will give the Vodafone network multiple-fold increase in capacity, delivering a consistently high quality network experience, even in times of high usage. It will enable Vodafone to maximise the efficiency of our current spectrum to deliver a better network experience to our customers.’

Australia, Huawei Technologies, Vodafone Australia