Telia trialling 5G in Estonia; Sweden, Finland to follow in 2018

29 Sep 2017

Estonian fixed and mobile operator Telia Eesti, and vendor partners Ericsson and Intel say they are deploying the first public 5G live network use cases in Europe. The trial includes a high speed 5G connection to a commercial cruise ship delivering internet connectivity to the ship and its passengers while in port, and an industrial use case featuring a construction excavator remotely controlled with a live 5G network. Both trials are being carried out in the Estonian capital, Tallinn. Going forward, the trials will be extended to Swedish parent Telia Company’s mobile networks in Stockholm (Sweden) and Helsinki (Finland) next year.

Gabriela Styf Sjoman, Global Head of Networks at Telia Company, said: ‘We want to be early with 5G and will bring it to life in Stockholm, Tallinn and Helsinki in 2018. We work together with our partners in the whole ecosystem to explore the powerful effect it is going to have for our customers and in society. It’s not only about building a new network but it’s also about building a new way of thinking and perceiving what a mobile network can be and can do. High speed, low latency, guaranteed capacity and truly mobile is going to push the boundaries of digitalisation and we want to be there pushing it together with our partners.’

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