UTS: not turning 2G network back on post-Hurricane Irma

26 Sep 2017

Sint Maarten-based mobile operator United Telecommunication Services (UTS) has informed the local media that it will not be turning its 2G network back on after it sustained ‘major damage’ during the devastating Category 5 storms Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria earlier this month. UTS Eastern Caribbean CEO Glen Carty confirmed that 14 of the operator’s 29 mobile sites are now back up and running, but added: ‘The older, 2G-based network has not been turned back on following Irma due to malfunctioning of key network components. At present the company is working on the logistics to move all customers that may have still been using this outdated technology to the newer faster 3G and 4G networks instead. We are confident that they will be pleased with this.’

Sint Maarten, UTS/Flow Sint Maarten