UPC Poland switches MVNO host to P4

22 Sep 2017

Polish cable TV and broadband provider UPC is looking to increase its focus on the mobile sector, with the firm having announced that it is switching its host network from Orange Polska to P4. Although UPC is Poland’s largest cableco with over 1.1 million broadband subscribers, its MVNO user base has been in decline and numbered just 4,600 by mid-2017. The firm has not placed a great emphasis on the mobile resale sector until now as it felt that it needed a greater geographical reach to justify a push into the wireless market. UPC’s ongoing takeover of rival operator Multimedia will increase its cable network coverage to more than four million homes, and this may have prompted the renewed focus on its MVNO business as it looks to cross-sell mobile services to its existing TV, internet and telephony subscribers.

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