Youfone launches OTT TV following broadband acquisition

12 Sep 2017

Dutch SIM-only budget MVNO Youfone has launched ‘YoufoneTV’, an over-the-top (OTT) live television and VoD service, based on a hybrid platform developed in partnership with Huawei. YoufoneTV – aimed at ‘young people, [in their] twenties and thirties’ – is available on TVs via Youfone’s own set-top box, as well as via PC/mobile device apps anywhere in the Netherlands, and the operator expects to sign up at least 160,000 customers within three years, including ‘many’ traditional TV viewers, according to its press release. Flexible packages start with a base pack of 23 channels, with the choice of taking either set-top box and/or mobile app-based services, whilst the new entrant claims its prices will be ‘cheaper than competitors’. YoufoneTV subscribers also have the option of bundling fixed broadband from Youfone (up to 100Mbps) and fixed telephony.

Youfone’s latest move builds on its acquisition of fixed internet/telephony, mobile and TV provider Mobicross (formerly Euphony Netherlands) from Euphony Benelux in March 2017. Alongside entering the triple/quad-play market, the takeover enlarged Youfone’s mobile user base, Mobicross being a fellow MVNO on the KPN network.

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