ACMA seeking feedback on plans to fast-track release of 5G-suitable 26GHz spectrum

12 Sep 2017

Following a recent spectrum tune-up event, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has published a consultation paper calling for feedback on plans to accelerate the process for considering releases in the millimetre wave spectrum for 5G broadband use. Specifically, the regulator said it is seeking comment on whether frequencies in the 26GHz band (24.25GHz-27.5GHz) could be a candidate for such consideration, citing the increased interest in mmWave spectrum for 5G use both domestically and internationally, coupled with relatively limited incumbency issues in several of the bands in question. If supported by submissions to the consultation, meanwhile, the ACMA has said it could also consider fast-tracking the release of other mmWave bands.

‘Australia has a strong track record of timely review of spectrum arrangements in support of innovation in the communications industry,’ said the ACMA’s acting chairman, Richard Bean, of the matter, adding: ‘5G in the millimetre wave bands presents a great opportunity to maintain this record so the Australian community will continue to enjoy the benefits of early uptake of new technology.’

The ACMA has set a deadline of 13 October 2017 for submissions to the consultation.