XL Axiata boosts mobile internet in Jambi and Sulawesi

7 Sep 2017

Mobile network operator (MNO) XL Axiata has provided an update on its ongoing 4G rollout, noting that it has expanded its mobile internet coverage in the provinces of Jambi and Southeast Sulawesi. In the former, the MNO reported that as of August 2017 it had covered a number of new cities and districts with LTE via a total of around 100 base station transceivers (BTS), namely: Jambi (the provincial capital and economic centre, with 50 BTS alone), Batang Hari, Merangin, Muarojambi, Sarolangun, Tanjung Jabung Barat and Sungai Penuh. The 4G rollout augments its existing 300 3G BTS there. The MNO says it has about 1.3 million subscribers in Jambi province, with 33% of them already actively using data services, both 4G and 3G. In the last three months XL has seen an 86% increase in data service traffic and predicts that traffic will continue to increase as more customers switch to using 4G smartphones.

Meanwhile, in Southeast Sulawesi province, XL Axiata’s in-deployment network currently comprises 40 BTS with coverage of five cities/districts — Kendari City, Bau-Bau City, Kolaka District, Konawe District, and Muna Regency – where it hopes to drive a ‘significant increase’ in data service traffic in the area. The company says it has more than 379,000 subscribers in Southeast Sulawesi, about 100,000 of whom have been actively using 4G. Recorded data traffic increase reached 134% in the past year, although LTE services only went live in the past three months. The cellco’s mobile internet network also includes 300 3G BTS in all cities/regencies in Southeast Sulawesi, it said.

As at 31 August 2017, XL Axiata boasted nationwide LTE coverage of 338 cities/districts, including hundreds of areas in Java, Bali, Lombok, Sumatra, Kalimantan and Sulawesi. With smartphone ownership standing at 67% of all customers, the cellco says it has a total of around 20 million 4G subscribers on its books. The XL Axiata network is currently supported by a total of over 93,000 BTS, including more than 42,000 3G base stations and more than 14,000 4G BTS.

Indonesia, XL Axiata