Timor Telecom deploys SES service upgrade for new LTE network

7 Sep 2017

Timor Telecom (TT), the incumbent provider of fixed, mobile and internet access services in Timor-Leste, is expanding its service uptake with SES Networks by nearly 30% over the O3b Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellite fleet. The move will enable TT to roll out its recently launched 4G LTE network to customers across the country, while improving customer experience for mobile data subscribers. TT adopted the MEO technology in 2014 and has been using more than 1Gbps of low latency bandwidth over the O3b MEO fleet for the past three years. The company has since upgraded service with SES Networks four times to keep up with rising demand from consumers.

‘All across Timor-Leste, mobile data demand from consumers has reached unprecedented heights,’ commented TT’s CEO Manuel Capitao Amaro, adding: ‘The fibre-like low latency capabilities of the O3b MEO fleet make it possible for Timor Telecom to provide an unparalleled mobile connectivity experience for our customers, through affordable and high speed mobile packages and services. With the connectivity provided by the MEO fleet, we are certain that our 4G LTE mobile data services will significantly boost connectivity for our customers throughout the country.’

Timor-Leste, SES, Timor Telecom