Three Ireland deploys Procera’s carrier-grade NAT software

7 Sep 2017

Irish mobile network operator (MNO) Three Ireland has rolled out Procera Networks’ PacketLogic carrier-grade NAT (CGNAT) software across its network. In a press release, Three confirmed that, having already deployed Procera’s PacketLogic 20000 DPI platform, the two technologies will work together to help reduce future CAPEX costs. As a result of the latest technology deployment, meanwhile, Three Ireland will reportedly be able to maintain end-to-end subscriber visibility, and have the capability to identify packet loss, latency, and throughput rates to improve customer experience in real-time. ‘Offloading high volume content and services with Procera’s CGNAT solution enables us to optimise our CAPEX spend …. PacketLogic’s support for multiple use cases in our deployment delivers a higher ROI than a standalone CGNAT solution,’ said Paul Proctor, IP Design Manager at Three Ireland, of the technology rollout.