More QoS problems for Mauritania’s cellcos

5 Sep 2017

Mauritania’s three cellular network operators, Mauritel, Mattel and Chinguitel, have once again been warned by the country’s telecoms watchdog about poor quality of service (QoS). The Autorite de Regulation (ARE) has pulled the operators up over poor voice and data QoS for the third time this year.

Following testing carried out between 10 July to 12 August, Mauritel has been found to be offering poor voice service quality in 17 locations and poor data services in four locations, while Mattel has been found to be lacking at ten locations for voice quality and three sites for data services. Chinguitel was criticised for its poor voice QoS at six localities and poor data service at one location. The cellcos have been given one month to correct the problems or they will face fines.

In June this year the ARE fined the three mobile operators a total of MRO451 million (USD1.2 million) for continued QoS issues, with Mauritel ordered to pay MRO216 million, Mattel MRO118 million and Chinguitel MRO117 million.