DT, Huawei pre-standard 5G connection goes live in Berlin

4 Sep 2017

German telecoms company Deutsche Telekom (DT), which operates in its domestic market via its Telekom Deutschland subsidiary, has announced the launch of a pre-standard 5G connection over a commercial network in central Berlin based on the latest 3GPP specifications. Powered by Huawei equipment and software using 3GPP specifications for 5G New Radio (NR), the deployment on commercial sites is claimed to be the first in Europe. The connection delivered speeds of over 2Gbps and latency of three milliseconds over a 3.7GHz spectrum link. DT says that 5G NR is ideal to meet the sub 6GHz mid-band needs for 5G applications that will require mobility support, wide area and indoor coverage, as well as multi-gigabit throughput speeds and millisecond low latency.

‘With this real-world achievement, DT is making its first important step towards a 5G network launch,’ said Bruno Jacobfeuerborn, adding: ‘When the standard is defined, we will trial it in 2018 to prepare the ground for a wider deployment of commercial sites and the offering of devices for the mass market as they become available.’ Meanwhile, Huimin Zhu, Vice President of 5G at Huawei, said: ‘Huawei is confident that the partnership with DT can fully prepare the commercial launch of 5G NR services in Europe by 2020 thanks to 3GPP standardisation efforts.’