Telkom Indonesia shuts down Telkom-1 satellite after fault, migrates users to alternatives

1 Sep 2017

Telkom Indonesia has been forced to migrate customers that were being served by its Telkom-1 satellite to its Telkom-2 and Telkom-3 satellites, after a service disruption which it said was ‘due to anomaly’.

While Telkom Indonesia enlisted the assistance of the satellite’s manufacturer, Lockheed Martin, with a view to restoring services on Telkom-1, the companies have been unable to do so thus far. Following their investigation into the problems, it was confirmed in a press release by Telekom: ‘[The] Telkom-1 satellite will no longer be in operation and based on in-depth analysis, the satellite was not functioning as normal so that Lockheed Martin recommended to shut down the Telkom satellite operation to prevent interference with other satellites.’

Prior to the satellite shutdown and enforced migration, Telkom-1 – which was launched in August 1999 with an expected 15-year life-span – was said to serve a total of 63 subscribers, eight of which were VSAT providers which accounted for around 12,000 of a total 15,000 connected sites.

Indonesia, Telkom Indonesia