Tele Columbus rebrands as PYUR

1 Sep 2017

German cable network operator Tele Columbus Group has announced that it is rebranding its operations under the PYUR banner from next month. Existing regional brands including primacom, HL komm and cablesurf will be gradually renamed over the next months, with PYUR set to become the single brand across the Tele Columbus Group. ‘Simplicity, transparency and fairness will be the guiding principles of all PYUR products,’ commented Ronny Verhelst, CEO of Tele Columbus Group, which serves around 3.6 million connected homes.

Starting in October, the rebranding will take place in several key regions across the company’s nationwide footprint, followed by the gradual renaming of pepcom’s brands cablesurf and KMS as well as the Group’s business customer provider HL komm from early 2018 onwards. Tele Columbus AG, as the publically listed holding company, will retain its name.

Germany, Tele Columbus Group (PYUR)