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30 Aug 2017

Turkcell has claimed the launch of Turkey’s first commercial NB-IoT network, which it says is available to connect devices in its LTE-A coverage zones ‘across Turkey’. Turkcell’s press release identifies NB-IoT applications including smart city functions (such as smart parking and smart rubbish collection) and remote monitoring of water and gas levels, plus agricultural usage cases.

Switzerland-listed Myriad Group has announced the commercial availability of Thingstream, an IoT connectivity platform built on Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) via Thingstream’s global roaming M2M SIM card. A press release says that the platform offers a broad range of IoT applications ideally suited to many types of devices in motion, in remote locations and/or requiring secure cloud connectivity.

KPN of the Netherlands and China Unicom are partnering to offer their respective customer bases access to IoT connectivity in the European and Chinese markets from the end of this year, using SIMs based on GSMA remote provisioning standards to enable usage of a single global SIM and automatic roaming.

Zain Jordan has introduced smart home services in Amman, in collaboration with technology partners including Huawei, with the first services on offer including home surveillance, safety and home automation. The latest launches build on the ‘joint innovation programme’ launched by the cellco and the Chinese vendor last year.

Telenor India and Huawei have conducted trails of Lean Broadcast Control CHannel (BCCH) solutions in Bharuch, Gujarat, designed to address NB-IoT spectrum scarcity. The partners added that solutions based on the Lean BCCH technology are aimed at allowing Telenor India to offer affordable mobile broadband services without any additional investment. Lean BCCH uses GPS-based synchronisation and intelligent interference control management based on real time network conditions, with operators such as Telenor using the system to help their spectrum refarming strategies.

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