China Telecom to take ‘gradual’ approach to 5G investment

25 Aug 2017

China Telecom, the smallest of the country’s three mobile network operators, has announced that it will start 5G trials in 2019, with commercial a launch expected to follow in 2020. Nikkei Asian Review cites CEO and chairman Yan Jie as saying that the operator’s 5G network investment and rollout were unlikely to mirror its 4G development strategy, and the nascent platform will not need ‘universal, comprehensive, seamless network coverage’ as was the case with 2G, 3G and 4G technologies. The official went on to say that ‘5G standards are not yet finalised and its monetisation models are different from 2G and, 3G or 4G networks because it’s machine-centric rather than human-centric. We expect a more gradual process for 5G investment, unlike the spike we’ve seen for 4G.’ Earlier this week the operator noted in its interim report for H1 2017 that its initial 5G network field trials would be conducted in six cities and that it would be taking a more cooperative, collaborative approach to launching 5G applications and solutions.

China, China Telecom Corporation