Ofcom consulting on revised list of SMP providers for wholesale call termination

24 Aug 2017

British telecoms regulator Ofcom has launched a consultation on a revised list of telecoms providers that it proposes have significant market power (SMP) in wholesale call termination (WCT). In addition, the watchdog has called for comment on its proposal to include an additional service in a planned wholesale ISDN30 charge control.

Previously, in its 2016 Narrowband Market Review (NMR) consultation – which launched in December 2016 and closed in March 2017 – Ofcom published proposals for the future regulation of five wholesale markets that underpin the delivery of fixed voice telephone services to consumers, including fixed WCT. Now, Ofcom has put forward an updated list of providers which removes those companies that have returned their number ranges or had them withdrawn since the initial consultation, while also removing those providers that are in liquidation or have been dissolved. Meanwhile, the 2016 NMR consultation proposed services for inclusion in the wholesale ISDN30 charge control, but omitted an ISDN30 service (direct dial inward planning service) from the draft legal instrument. As per the latest plans, Ofcom has said it now proposes to include this additional service.

Submissions to the consultation are being accepted until 22 September 2017, with Ofcom saying it will take these into account before publishing a statement on the matter later this year.

United Kingdom, Ofcom