Erhvervsstyrelsen lifts some of TDC’s fibre, cable obligations

24 Aug 2017

Telecoms regulator the Danish Business Authority (Erhvervsstyrelsen) has published two documents outlining the framework for competition in the broadband market, with the new decisions set to enter into force on 17 November 2017. Following the analysis of the wholesale market for local access (Market 3a) and the wholesale market for central access (Market 3b), the watchdog has concluded that there is still a need for regulated access to TDC’s copper and fibre networks, if the well-functioning competition in the retail market is to be maintained. In addition to the actual access obligations, TDC must ensure reasonable terms and conditions for alternative operators to access its networks, such as cost-based prices determined by the Erhvervsstyrelsen.

Further, the Erhvervsstyrelsen has concluded that the establishment of fibre-optic infrastructure by alternative operators in some geographic areas has had a positive impact on competition, so the regulator has lifted some of the fibre-related obligations imposed on TDC in those locations. In addition, the Erhvervsstyrelsen has removed obligations in relation to TDC’s cable TV infrastructure, following the ‘significant restructuring’ of the network, which has allowed consumers to receive broadband without receiving TV signal at the same time. TDC will now offer a commercial wholesale product, replacing the regulated access, though the watchdog will continue to oversee the level of competitiveness in the sector.