Bermuda's One extends FibreWire Internet to 40% of homes

23 Aug 2017

One Communications, which was rebranded from CellOne in November 2016, has announced that more than 40% of Bermudian households are now passed by its fibre-optic broadband infrastructure, affording them access to higher internet access speeds through its FibreWire Internet service. The telco started deploying fibre-optic broadband infrastructure in the capital Hamilton in January this year as part of a USD20 million investment programme. At the time, Frank Amaral, CEO of One Communications, was quoted as saying: ‘We made a public commitment to making this investment and we are following through on that promise. Our newly laid fibre network, branded FibreWire, is the first of its kind in Bermuda. The infrastructure will vastly improve internet service, providing more bandwidth as well as a significant increase in speeds.’

In a media update this week, Amaral and One’s marketing director Brian Lonergan confirmed that the company expects to have most of the island covered by the end of October, adding that existing customers are benefiting from an automatic upgrade to higher speeds at no extra cost. Mr Lonergan told The Royal Gazette: ‘We’ve automatically upgraded nearly 4,000 of our existing internet subscribers to FibreWire plans, at no additional cost. For example, customers who were on a 10Mbps plan are now on a 30Mbps FibreWire connection; and those with a 25Mbps plan were automatically boosted to our 200Mbps FibreWire plan’. The FibreWire Internet service is currently available throughout Paget, Warwick, and the northern sections of Pembroke, the company, added, whilst work has started in Southampton. Early next month the rollout will progress in the eastern parishes. The operator added that when FibreWire is fully in place, One intends to overhaul its cable TV services.

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