AT&T unveils new, fibre deployments

23 Aug 2017

Following the recent completion of a broadband trial in Minneapolis, telecoms giant AT&T has announced the eight initial launch cities as follows: Boston, Denver, Minneapolis, New York City, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Seattle and Tampa. technology will be made available to residents of multi-dwelling units (MDUs) in the aforementioned cities. Additionally, AT&T notes that is set to be made available to MDUs in parts of 14 other metros, with deployment planned in the near future. These include: Albany, Baltimore, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Colorado Springs, Hartford, Omaha, Pittsburgh, Portland, Providence, Richmond, Rochester, Washington, DC and Salt Lake City. Each of these metros is located outside of AT&T’s traditional 21-state home internet service-area.

In related news, the telco has confirmed that its AT&T Fiber service now covers more than 5.5 million locations across 57 metropolitan areas, following launches in Biloxi-Gulfport, Mississippi and Savannah, Georgia. Going forward, AT&T expects to add a further 1.5 million locations to its fibre footprint by year-end, taking the total number of addressable locations to seven million.

United States, AT&T