ANRCETI brings telecoms legislation in line with EU framework

22 Aug 2017

Moldova’s National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology (Agentia Nationala pentru Reglementare in Comunicatii Electronice si Tehnologia Informatiei, ANRCETI) has enacted Telecoms Law No.135 from 7 July 2017, which amends and supplements the Electronic Communications Act No. 241-XVI of 15 November 2007. The new legislation updated and brought the country’s telecoms laws in line with the European framework directive of 2009. The watchdog disclosed that the amendments aim to create the conditions for effective competition, while also ‘strengthening the internal market for electronic communications, improving the use of radio spectrum, enhancing the protection of end-users’ rights and confidentiality in the electronic communications sector, and implementing access and interconnection mechanisms.’

Moldova, ANRCETI