South Africa’s Vumatel deploys FTTH in Johannesburg South districts

21 Aug 2017

Tech Financials reports that South African fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) provider Vumatel has commenced the rollout of ultra-high speed services in Bassonia, Glenanda, Glenvista and Mulburton, in southern Johannesburg. The telco says that demand for superfast broadband is on an upward trajectory and that going forward, it plans to continue rollout to the rest of Johannesburg South and surrounding suburbs. The journal notes that Vumatel is building its open access fibre network in partnership with the community and aims to ‘connect every home, complex and apartment block to super-fast world-class fibre broadband’. It also intends to hook up all certified primary and secondary schools passed by the network. The operator’s VUMA Fibre service promises that every home will have access to over 250 internet packages, available from almost 20 ISPs.

South Africa, Vumatel