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16 Aug 2017

Solvera Lynx, a solution provider specialised in the energy sector, has claimed the launch of Slovenia’s first LoRaWAN-based IoT network, which covers major urban areas including the entirety of capital Ljubljana, with nationwide expansion planned, the STA news agency reports. Solvera Lynx also aims to expand IoT network services to neighbouring countries. The network targets usage cases including smart factories/smart buildings (e.g. energy efficiency applications) and smart city applications.

ESB Telecoms, a subsidiary of Irish energy utility ESB, is partnering Silver Spring Networks to develop a nationwide IoT network in Ireland. According to a press release, the envisioned network will serve as a catalyst for municipal, commercial and industrial customers to connect IoT and smart city applications and devices. Once deployment of the IoT network is complete, US-based Silver Spring’s ‘Starfish’ platform-as-a-service (PaaS) will augment ESB’s telecoms infrastructure and services nationally, based on Silver Spring’s ‘Wi-SUN’ standards-based mesh technology, built on the IEEE 802.15.4g specification, and offering service level agreements. Mike Bell, CEO of Silver Spring, said: ‘Mesh technology can securely aggregate data from widely distributed endpoints – from dense urban environments to remote rural areas – and then backhaul that data through the carriers’ towers. And above all, it’s real and scalable – it has already proven itself for industrial IoT on five continents.’ To date, Silver Spring has deployed its mesh technology in Europe (London, Glasgow, Bristol, Paris, Copenhagen), the Americas (Washington DC, Chicago, San Francisco, Mexico City, Sao Paulo), the Middle East (Dubai) and Asia/Australia (Kolkata, Singapore, Melbourne), and claims ‘more than 26.7 million enabled devices delivered’. ESB Telecoms owns and operates an open access wholesale fibre-optic network covering the entire Republic of Ireland, and also operates 450 telecommunication towers and sites at which major Irish telecoms operators co-locate; customers of ESB Telecoms include all Irish mobile network operators, plus government bodies, radio broadcasters and wireless ISPs. ESB also jointly owns SIRO, a major fibre-optic broadband venture in partnership with Vodafone Ireland.

Beeline Kazakhstan has introduced its ‘M2M Management Centre’ built on a Cisco Jasper platform, which enables its B2B customers to manage all their M2M SIMs via an online interface, aimed at sectors including transport, oil/gas, construction, banking/finance and others.

Swiss space technology start-up ELSE has raised USD3 million through crowdfunding for its previously-announced Astrocast satellite M2M/IoT project. The company is aiming to launch 64 IoT nanosatellites by 2021. As a result of this financing and new awards from the European Space Agency, ELSE has confirmed plans to complete the deployment of the first two satellites in the programme.

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