Partner begins commercial deployment of independent fibre-based infrastructure

10 Aug 2017

Israel’s Partner Communications has announced that, following the completion of a successful pilot stage, it has now begun the commercial phase of its fibre-optic network deployment. In a press release regarding the matter, the company also confirmed the acceleration of its infrastructure rollout plans, noting that, with respect to the deployment of an independent fixed-line infrastructure using fibre-optics, it has ‘significantly increased’ its footprint in various cities throughout the country in recent months, now claiming to reach ‘tens of thousands of households’. Looking ahead, meanwhile, Partner has said that as part of its deployment plan it now aims to double the number of premises passed by its fibre network by the end of this year.

According to Partner, the investment in the fibre-based infrastructure forms part of its strategy ‘to maintain its technological leadership in the market’, and it expects the network to enable it to offer higher internet speeds and ‘additional advanced services’.

Israel, Partner Communications Company