China Telecom looks to cooperate on Kyrgyz transformation programme

7 Aug 2017

China Telecom is aiming to participate in Kyrgyzstan’s ‘digital transformation’ ICT programme, Global Times reports. The Chinese heavyweight has discussed future cooperation in the national ‘2040 Taza Koom’ digital society programme, said Sapar Isakov, chief of the Kyrgyz President’s Office, who noted: ‘By implementing associated technological solutions, we intend to significantly improve the access of our citizens to public services. Within the framework of the Taza Koom project, conditions will be created to increase such capacity for all regions of the country.’ He added that in order to achieve these goals, Kyrgyzstan will consider proposals by foreign partners and study best practices in implementing major innovation projects. In turn, Xia Wei, head of the representative office of China Telecom in Central Asia, expressed the company’s interest in helping Kyrgyzstan reach its ICT goals. The Taza Koom programme is part of the 2040 National Sustainable Development Strategy of Kyrgyzstan, and was unveiled by authorities in April 2017.