APT fined for poor service after shutdown of some 3G base stations

4 Aug 2017

Taiwan’s Asia Pacific Telecom (APT) has been fined by local telecoms regulator the National Communication Commission (NCC) for the quality of its 3G service. According to Taiwan News, the cellco has been handed a TWD1 million (USD33,067) penalty after it was said to have shut down some of its 3G base stations without notifying subscribers. The shutdowns reportedly resulted in reduced quality of service (QoS) in some areas, prompting NCC spokesman Wong Po-tsung to say that the regulator felt APT’s explanation that it had decommissioned the base stations to speed up transition from 3G to 4G services was ‘unacceptable’. Also noteworthy is the fact that the financial sanction is the first ever imposed by the NCC for such a violation.

Following the shutdown of the base stations in question, APT’s 3G population coverage has now dropped to 46.9%, well below the minimum required level of 75.0%, according to the NCC. Although the operator has reportedly submitted an application to terminate its 3G services before 2018, this was said to still be under review.