Ofcom begins consulting on pricing proposals for duct and pole access remedies

2 Aug 2017

British telecoms regulator Ofcom has announced the start of a consultation on price proposals for duct and pole access remedies, in the wake of a recent discussion of its plans for improving access to Openreach’s infrastructure, published in April 2017, as part of its wholesale local access (WLA) review.

In launching the latest consultation, Ofcom has set out detailed pricing proposals on the setting of rental charges, the financial limit for the recovery of network adjustment costs, and changes to regulatory financial reporting requirements. The regulator was cited as saying of the matter: ‘Today, Ofcom has proposed to impose caps on Openreach’s rental charges for accessing its duct and pole network in order to increase certainty and predictability for investors. We are consulting on the methodology proposed to calculate maximum charges, based on Openreach’s current price calculation methodology. We anticipate this would also result in material reductions for the majority of rental charges.’

The consultation is scheduled to close on 12 September 2017, following which Ofcom expects to publish a final decision in early 2018, with the new measures to take effect on 1 April that year.

United Kingdom, Ofcom, Openreach