CETIN demos VDSL3 SuperVector speeds of 250Mbps; reports success in FTTC tests

2 Aug 2017

The Czech Republic’s recently spun-off infrastructure business provider Ceska telekomunikacni infrastruktura (CETIN) has issued a statement confirming the successful demonstration of VDSL2, VDSL3 and fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) technologies in its Prague network. CETIN said it achieved real time speeds of over 250Mbps using VDSL3 (aka SuperVector), while noting: ‘We have shown some other examples of VDSL2 and VDSL3 technologies, and we’ve also tested the download speed of 21.5Gbps.’ The infrastructure provider now hopes to put VDSL3 onto a commercial footing, with the firm’s product manager Jakub Kopecky noting that from 1 January 2018 CETIN will be launching a commercial offer as part of its ‘SUPERFAST’ suite, ultimately seeking to be able to provide fibre-optic (FTTC) connections of up to 1Gbps. ‘For more than 90,000 residences, we now offer the option of setting up the 250Mbps SUPERFAST connection. Currently, 80Mbps connectivity is available at almost 500,000 connections in the CETIN network,’ he noted.

The company launched a large scale investment programme in 2015, committing CZK22 billion (USD995.2 million) into the development of its networks. The seven-year project is anticipated to provide for a significant leap in terms of connection quality and speed, not least by dint of the installation of FTTC in the last mile. CETIN, part of Petr Kellner’s PPF Group, says its rollout plan has targeted which areas will be covered sequentially running up to 2022, pointing out that the plan is not merely to ‘cherry pick’ or just cover big cities, but also ensure strategic deployments to smaller municipalities.

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