Econet in favour of sharing network infrastructure

26 Jul 2017

Zimbabwe’s leading mobile operator by subscribers, Econet Wireless, has revealed that it is open to infrastructure sharing as long as it is conducted under a ‘one-for-one’ system. A report from NewsDay cites the cellco’s CEO, Douglas Mboweni, as saying: ‘Our model is very simple. We share infrastructure on an equitable basis.’ He added: ‘You build there, I build here, we share then we carry the obligation together. Any stakeholder who comes on that basis we have no problem.’

The executive said that Econet is already sharing tower sites with state-backed rival Telecel, but stressed that sharing partners must split maintenance costs equally and that sharing cannot be conducted under a one-sided model. The Zimbabwe government has pushed operators to share network infrastructure to cut rollout costs and allow for the expansion of mobile coverage to more rural areas.