Airtel/Orange, Africell upgrading networks in underserved areas

25 Jul 2017

Mobile operators Airtel Sierra Leone (acquired by Orange in July 2016) and Lintel SL (Africell SL) have revealed that they are engaged in a ‘major operation’ to improve their respective networks in order to provide high quality voice and data services to consumers, Agence Ecofin writes. Sekou Drame, general manager of Airtel Sierra Leone, disclosed that his company is aiming to install 33 new sites across the country, in order to increase access to its network in underserved regions: ‘In some areas, we had to do the roads ourselves because our technicians must be able to access the remote areas where our sites are located.’ For his part, Shadi Al-Gerjawi, the managing director of Africell Sierra Leone, added that in remote areas, his company is ready to share telecoms sites with Airtel to achieve its goal of serving the whole country.

Sierra Leone, Lintel SL (Africell SL), Orange Sierra Leone