ADTRAN and DT test new standards

21 Jul 2017

Networking solutions provider ADTRAN has announced the start of lab tests of the new 212MHz standard and coordinated dynamic time allocation (cDTA) in partnership with Deutsche Telekom (DT). The German telecoms company is evaluating these technologies using fibre-to-the-building (FTTB) deployment models, allowing the use of existing cable infrastructure within the home. The 212MHz standard doubles the usable spectrum to allow Gigabit rates over a single copper pair, while cDTA improves upstream performance by four to five times by dynamically balancing upstream and downstream capacity to match residential traffic patterns in real-time. cDTA also expands the applicability of this feature to existing phone wiring, thus covering nearly all residential and commercial premises.

‘Operators in highly competitive, dense urban or urban environments are challenged to extend Gigabit services due to the time and cost that can be associated with pure play FTTH techniques,’ said Jay Wilson, senior vice president at ADTRAN, adding: ‘With innovation, operators, such as DT, can significantly accelerate Gigabit Society goals by launching Gigabit services over their existing infrastructure dramatically reducing subscriber disruption.’

Germany, ADTRAN, Deutsche Telekom (DT), Telekom Deutschland