PTA awards 4G spectrum to four companies

17 Jul 2017

Iceland’s telecoms watchdog the Post and Telecom Administration (Post-og Fjarskiptastofnun, PTA) has issued licences for LTE-suitable frequencies in the 700MHz, 800MHz, 2100MHz and 2600MHz bands. Four companies – Vodafone Iceland (Fjarskipti), Nova, Siminn and Yellow Mobile – participated in the regulator’s tender (which ended in May), with a total of ISK159.8 million (USD1.6 million) raised from the sale. Twelve blocks of technology-neutral spectrum were awarded as follows:

• Fjarskipti: Blocks D2 (837MHz-842MHz/796MHz-801MHz), valid for 15 years; F (1970MHz-1975MHz/2160MHz-2165MHz), valid until 30 March 2022; and I (2520MHz-2540MHz/2640MHz-2660MHz), valid for 15 years

• Nova: Blocks C2 (832MHz-837MHz/791MHz-796MHz), valid for 15 years; G (1975MHz-1980MHz/2165MHz-2170MHz), valid until 30 March 2022; and J (2540MHz-2550MHz/2670MHz-2680MHz), valid for 15 years

• Siminn: Blocks A (713MHz-723MHz/768MHz-778MHz), valid for 15 years; B (723MHz-733MHz/778MHz-788MHz), valid for 15 years; E (1935MHz-1940MHz/2125MHz-2130MHz), valid until 30 March 2022; and H (2500MHz-2520MHz/2620MHz-2640MHz), valid for 15 years

• Yellow Mobile: Block L (2560MHz-2570MHz/2680MHz-2690MHz).

The authorisations for spectrum in the 700MHz and 800MHz bands include an obligation to offer high-speed mobile broadband to 99% of ‘built-up areas’ and to cover 14 new locations.