SCPT calls for USD4 million investment to clear bottleneck

13 Jul 2017

The director of state-owned telco the Congolese Society of Post and Telecommunication (Societe Congolaise des Postes et Telecommunications, SCPT), Patrick Umba, has said that the company needs an injection of USD4 million to increase the capacity of its fibre-optic backbone infrastructure and thus eliminate a bottleneck in its network between the landing station at Muanda and the capital, Kinshasa, which is currently stopping it from making full use of the available international capacity. In an interview with Radio Okapi, Mr Umba explained: ‘The capacity that arrives at Muanda is 100Gbps, but the transport from Muanda to Kinshasa is only 10Gbps. That is to say, we have a large capacity that arrives at the [coast] but we carry just a small capacity.’ The official went on to say that the current demand for data in the market is more than 20Gbps, and that SCPT is attempting to increase the capacity of the Muanda-Kinshasa link to at least 40Gbps. However, Mr Umba claims that the company will need additional funds to complete the upgrade, as the majority of its turnover is used to pay its roughly 3,000 employees.