Finnish communications ministry begins preparing new national broadband strategy

13 Jul 2017

Finland’s Ministry of Transport and Communications (Liikenne-ja viestintaministerio, LVM) has announced that it has started the preparation of a national broadband strategy that will define both the nation’s broadband targets for the years 2025 and 2030, and the means to achieve these.

In a press release, the ministry noted that the strategy will be technology neutral, promoting the construction of both fibre-optic and wireless broadband connectivity. Specific targets for the coverage and speed of broadband connections are also expected to be set as part of the strategy, while it will also ‘define the measures for reaching the speed and availability targets’.

With a stakeholder forum regarding the plans expected to take place later this year, Finnish communications minister Anne Berner said of the plans to create an updated national broadband strategy: ‘Reliable high speed connections are already now a necessity in our daily lives and business operations. In future, our capacity needs will grow exponentially as a result of the rapid increase in digital business operations, digital public services and recreational activities. The strategy will be designed to meet the needs of those using high speed connections in future.’