Chunghwa to boost speeds with 4C rollout this month

13 Jul 2017

Taiwanese mobile network operator (MNO) Chunghwa Telecom has unveiled plans to increase the number of 4G base stations it has in operation by 40% this year, while it is also aiming to increase downlink speeds, according to the Taipei Times.

The announcement of its plans comes as Chunghwa has boosted the amount of spectrum it has for 4G use; following last month’s switch-off of 2G services offered over the 1800MHz band, it will now use those frequencies to provide LTE-based connectivity. Armed with the additional spectrum, and in order to enhance the speeds available to consumers, Chunghwa is said to be planning the deployment of four-band carrier aggregation (4C) at the end of this month, boosting downlink speeds to up to 500Mbps, with coverage initially of urban and commercial areas of Greater Taipei, as well as some of the northern Taiwan High Speed Rail Corp (HSRC) stations. Looking ahead, the MNO hopes to have extended 4C to all metropolitan areas and 20 more commercial areas throughout the nation, as well as all twelve HSRC stations across the country.

Taiwan, Chunghwa Telecom