Openreach ditches BT brand

12 Jul 2017

Openreach has dropped the BT name from its logo to reflect the infrastructure unit’s separation from its parent BT. The company, which operates the physical assets of BT’s local access and backhaul networks, said in a press release: ‘It’s a pragmatic change rather than an extravagant re-design, because we’re determined to focus our investments on improving the network and the service we provide.’ In order to minimise disruption, the company is planning to rebrand its vans over a four-year period (until April 2021).

As previously reported by TeleGeography’s CommsUpdate, in March 2017 the British fixed line incumbent and local telecoms regulator Ofcom reached an agreement for the legal separation of BT and Openreach, under which the wholesaler will become a distinct, legally separate company with its own board, though the ownership of its assets will remain with the BT Group.

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