Czech regulator awards 3.7GHz spectrum to O2, Vodafone, Nordic and PODA

12 Jul 2017

The Czech Telecommunication Office (Cesky telekomunikacni urad, CTU) has announced that four companies – two existing cellcos and two new entrants – have been awarded spectrum in the 3.7GHz band (3600MHz-3800MHz) following an auction process that began on 13 June. In a release, the CTU confirmed that frequency blocks for ultra-high speed wireless data networks and future building of fifth-generation networks will be allocated to incumbent operators O2 Czech Republic and Vodafone Czech Republic, along with new entrants Nordic Telecom 5G and PODA. The regulator also confirmed that Deutsche Telekom-controlled T-Mobile CR and the other would-be newcomer Suntel Net failed to win any blocks.

Chairman of the CTO Council Jaromír Novak said: ‘The result of a successful auction shows that the telecommunications market is focused on providing data services, which are the backbone of the digital economy functioning,’ adding that the success of the two new entrants will be good for the overall industry. ‘In the long term we say that more competition in this sector is one of the prerequisites for improving the quality of services.’

In total, the spectrum auction generated revenue of CZK1.015 billion (USD44.4 million) for state coffers, with the CTU selling off a total of five 40MHz blocks of frequencies, priced at CZK203 million each; the reserve price was set at CZK145 million per block. Nordic Telecom 5G won two blocks, and the other winners took one each. The CTU will release the frequencies immediately after the bidders make their payment.