Eurona, Huawei to deploy ‘virtual fibre’ in rural areas using 3.5GHz band

6 Jul 2017

Spanish telecoms provider Eurona has revealed plans to introduce ‘virtual fibre’ download speeds in rural areas via 3.5GHz time division duplex LTE (TD-LTE) technology. Chinese equipment vendor Huawei will take charge of the rollout, which will reportedly incorporate 8×8 multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO) technology. TeleGeography notes that the introduction of 8×8 spatial multiplexing was one of the key facets of the standardisation of LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) technology.

Eurona and Huawei first collaborated on a rural TD-LTE solution in 2015. Going forward, the two parties claim to be developing a 4.5G pilot project.

Spain, Eurona, Huawei Technologies