Govt approves Guinetel, Guine Telecom restructuring; sets three-month deadline

4 Jul 2017

Guinea-Bissau’s Minister of Transport and Communications, Fidelis Forbs, has announced that the government has approved a plan to restructure the country’s two state-run telecom operators – fixed line PTO Companhia de Telecomunicacoes da Guine-Bissau (Guine Telecom) and mobile arm Guinetel – and set a three-month deadline to achieve this goal. The minister’s announcement, which was reported in the Agencia de Noticias da Guine (ANG), confirms that the country will undertake a ‘deep restructuring of the two companies,’ that will include urgent efforts to seek partners for the two telcos in order to relaunch them. ‘This was the essence of the process of its restructuring independently of other components,’ he explained. When pressed to disclose the names of any potential investors in the two operators, Forbs explained: ‘There are now several requests and the government will analyse which of them will have the best proposal for the urgent re-launch of Guinetel and Guine Telecom’.

A recent review of the two companies found their infrastructure to be in an obsolete state. As such, the government believes that both need a full restructuring and investment to allow them to compete in the local market.

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