Tiscali planning EUR400m investment

30 Jun 2017

Italian ISP Tiscali says it is looking to invest EUR400 million (USD457 million) to deploy its own fibre and fixed-wireless TD-LTE infrastructure. CEO Riccardo Ruggiero has told Reuters that around 90% of its 700,000 customers are currently served using networks leased from incumbent operator TIM. He said: ‘Like all other telecom operators, we want to wean ourselves off TIM, gain full control of our customers and boost our profitability.’ Tiscali is hoping to grow its customer base to over one million in five years, with 80% of these using its own networks. It plans to target unserved and underserved areas using a combination of wireless and fibre technologies. The company inherited 3.5GHz wireless licences via its merger with former WiMAX operator Aria last year.

Italy, Tiscali