A1 boosts fixed and mobile downstream speeds up to 300Mbps

29 Jun 2017

A1 Telekom Austria, the domestic telecoms operating unit of Telekom Austria Group, has increased the maximum downstream broadband speed available to its fixed and mobile customers to 300Mbps, while boosting upstream rates to either 30Mbps or 50Mbps. The firm said it is responding to the rapidly rising bandwidth requirements of its subscriber base, driven by an increasing number of connected devices, as well as growing usage of smart home and high-resolution video streaming services. Residential fixed broadband subscribers will be able to add the new ‘A1 Glasfaser Power 300 Option’ to their service package, while mobile customers can opt for ‘A1 Net Cube Plus’, which includes 4G LTE Cat 6 technology. Business fixed and mobile subscribers are also able to access the new higher speeds with the ‘A1 Business Net Cube XL’, ‘A1 Business Glasfaser Power 300’ and ‘A1 Breitband Pro Business 300’ tariffs.

Austria, A1 Telekom Austria