Huawei, DOCOMO carry out live 5G demo of 39GHz mmWave technology

27 Jun 2017

Chinese vendor Huawei, working with Japan’s NTT DOCOMO, says it has conducted a live demo of 5G technology at the 3rd Global 5G Tokyo Bay Summit, using 39GHz mmWave based on 3GPP standard 5G New Radio (NR) agreements. In the trial, the pair reported that cell coverage reached up to 2km with 1Gbps peak throughput for a single user in the mmWave, demonstrating a real-time three-way 4K video conference, which they hope marks a new milestone in the move to bring 5G a step closer to commercialisation. The test system comprised of one base station with 1.4GHz bandwidth, and 2 UEs (user equipment) and achieved 1.3Gbps (MAC Layer) peak throughput for a single user in the high band at a distance of 1.5km. The test employed key 5G technologies, such as the MMFA (Meta-Material Focal Array) and Polar Code.

Japan, Huawei Technologies, NTT DOCOMO