Indonesian 4G average speeds still low at 7.71Mbps

26 Jun 2017

OpenSignal has reported an improvement in Indonesian 4G speeds in June 2017, but notes that average downloads of 7.71Mbps are still low when compared to some of its neighbours in the region. In the company’s last ‘State of LTE’ report for Indonesia in February 2017, OpenSignal – which specialises in wireless coverage mapping by crowdsourcing data on carrier signal quality from users who have its consumer mobile application installed – reported an average speed of just 4.72Mbps in the country, and whilst the latest results mark an improvement, the results are significantly below Singapore (45.62Mbps), South Korea (43.46Mbps), Malaysia (14.35Mbps), Philippines (8.59Mbps), Cambodia (12.78Mbps) and Thailand (11.85Mbps).

Further, the June 2017 report concluded that in terms of the availability of 4G networks when accessed via smartphones, network operators in Indonesia already provide coverage of about 62.77%.