MegaFon, Huawei demo Massive MIMO

22 Jun 2017

Russia’s MegaFon and Huawei have demonstrated Massive MIMO mobile technology, reaching data speeds as high as 851Mbps using Huawei smartphones as the end-user device, with MegaFon heralding the demo as ‘one of the technological foundations for 5G networks’. The partners said in a press release that the Massive MIMO technology can increase the throughput of each 150Mbps-capable cell on the MegaFon network to at least 700Mbps-800Mbps without additional frequency resources. 1800MHz LTE services using a bandwidth of 20MHz and 2×2 MIMO were shown to increase throughput via Massive MIMO to 851Mbps in test conditions. MegaFon’s current peak commercial (theoretical) 4G LTE network speed capabilities reach 300Mbps in certain areas and 450Mbps in Moscow.

Russia, Huawei Technologies, MegaFon