Telekom Romania’s 'Ro-Net' project delayed by payment issues

19 Jun 2017

Romania’s second largest internet provider by subscribers, Telekom Romania, has claimed that its ‘Ro-Net’ broadband project is being hindered by the country’s telecoms regulator, the Ministry of Communications & Information Society (MCSI), which has refused to pay for work the telco has completed. Local news outlet the Ziarul Financiar writes that the Ro-Net project aims to bring fibre-optic infrastructure to around 700 isolated rural locations in Romania, while citing Telekom Romania CEO Miroslav Majoros as saying that he regrets winning the project, as it has led to significant financial disadvantages for his company. So far Telekom Romania has reportedly received EUR15 million (USD16.8 million) from the MCSI but says that it is owed between EUR30 million and EUR40 million for the work it has already carried out.