Canadian cellcos banned from locking phones to their network

19 Jun 2017

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has introduced amendments to its Wireless Code, a mandatory code of conduct for providers of retail mobile wireless voice and data services. Starting on 1 December 2017 all mobile service end-users (post-paid and pre-paid) will have the right to have their phone unlocked (i.e. usable on any Canadian mobile network) by their service provider immediately upon request, at no charge (banning any existing unlocking fees), whilst newly purchased phones from a service provider must be provided to the end-user unlocked.

An additional amendment to the code says that from December end users have the right to cancel a contract and return their phone to the service provider, at no cost, within 15 calendar days, if the customer has not used more than half of the usage specified in their monthly plan limits.