FICORA grants quartet permission to levy roaming surcharges

16 Jun 2017

Four of Finland’s mobile operators have been authorised to apply surcharges to their subscribers’ roaming consumption in EU and European Economic Area (EEA) countries, following the introduction of new roaming rules that entered into force yesterday (15 June).

In a press release, local telecoms watchdog the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority (FICORA) confirmed that Telia Finland, Elisa, DNA Finland and Moi Mobiili will all be permitted to levy surcharges. The regulator noted, however, that it will be up to the providers themselves to decide whether to actually do so, either in full or in part.

In announcing its decision, the FICORA pointed to the fact that under the new EU roaming regulations operators can ask for authorisation to apply surcharges if offering roaming without additional charges to consumers could cause unreasonable financial losses. As per the regulations, losses are considered unreasonable if they are more than 3 % of the operator’s mobile services margin. Meanwhile, outlining its reasoning for approving the authorisations, the regulator said that such a move would ‘ensure that the new roaming rules do not undermine the sustainability of the domestic charging model and lead to a higher domestic price level or changes in the provision of unlimited data packages’.