Biznet to invest USD100m in Indonesian infrastructure projects

14 Jun 2017

Indonesian broadband provider Biznet Networks, which is owned by local tycoon Rudy Suliawan, via Supra Primatama Nusantara, says it is investing USD100 million in 2017 to extend the reach of its fibre-optic services. The company, which focuses on telecommunications and multimedia, and owns and operates a fibre-optic network and data centre, has already built out a 2,000km fibre-optic route with a total of 20,000km of cable which covers more than 100 cities in Java, Bali, Sumatera and the Batam Islands. However, Biznet brand manager Gitanissa Laprina told journalists: ‘We aim to expand the cable length to 25,000km this year and we have [set aside] investment of USD100 million for this’. Biznet currently offers high speed internet access to residential and business users and since its establishment in 2000, claims to have pursued a commitment to ‘building modern infrastructure to reduce Indonesia’s digital gap with other developing countries’.

Indonesia, Biznet Networks