Huawei assisting China Telecom in 10G PON FTTH rollout

13 Jun 2017

Huawei Technologies has partnered the Shanghai branch of China Telecom to deploy 10G PON optical network terminals (ONTs), supporting the first commercial 10G PON-based fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) network in China. Huawei notes that the current rollout is the first step towards providing comprehensive 1Gbps (end-user access) FTTH coverage across Shanghai over the next three years, to make Shanghai ‘the first gigabit city in China’ whilst laying the foundations for advanced smart home services.

Alongside its ‘standard’ 100Mbps FTTH services, by the end of 2016 the Shanghai telecoms division provided 1Gbps access to ‘269 communities’ in the city, whilst by the end of 2018 it expects its average access rate across Shanghai to increase from 50Mbps to 280Mbps. Gigabit customers currently have access to home fibre broadband-based services including multi-channel 4K TV, video calling, videoconferencing, and smart home applications using video services. To meet expanding high bandwidth user needs, Huawei deployed the large-capacity distributed optical line terminal (OLT) MA5800, and the next-generation smart 10G PON ONT, with a single sub-rack supporting 4K video for 16,000 households concurrently, and also capable of delivering 8K video. The OLT/ONT configuration enables gigabit convergence of multiple media, enabling different services to share the same cloud-based platform, whilst supporting a large number of physical connections necessary for smart home services, simultaneous multi-channel ultra-high definition video, video calling and virtual reality (VR) services.